• Lifestyle

    Best Outfit in April

    Sometimes, I’m indifferent about wears and other times, I’m very picky. April did me well by giving me a good look during my stay in Ghana. This is a tweet. It is only a tweet. Click To Tweet On going to Ghana, we were told to bring sneakers along in order to look fit. I had no sneakers in my shelf so I went to the nearest big market to get one and fortunately, I found the best fit. Sneakers haven’t been my thing until that trip and I was glad that I got sneakers to match my white T-shirt and grey straight skirt. It got people loving my outfit.

  • Travels

    The unique college trip

    I don’t know why it tickles me when I’m back to my blog. My blog has gone through different shades and phases. Funny enough, this is a new phase where I move back from Blogger to WordPress. It’s really cool though. I was contemplating on writing on my departmental trip which lasted for a week. We moved by road and it was fun filled. Many people expected me to share it but I was reluctant. There’s much to say than to type but here’s a little I have to write: Why we went to Ghana The trip was to Ghana, as expected. We visited Ghana due to the fact that…

  • Faith

    Dream it, Then do it!

    Be that kind of achiever who will dream it, then do it. I have encountered certain things in life that made me feel inferior at some point and I wanted to back off several times but within me, I didn’t want to back off so quickly. I shove the laxity out of me and decided to move on. Many things characterize your ability to do and undo. God has deposited in you a talent that would single you out for greatness, the will to do it and the ability to think. What makes an achiever different from a copycat is the ability to create a new and better picture from…