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Social Media Saga: Who is to Blame for Depression and Anxiety?

Social media is one thing many youths appreciate today based on the fact that it has brought so much fun and has brought about the opportunity to reach out to many people across the globe. Despite the fact that it requires some costs, the costs of always being on social media is nothing compared to the cost of traveling from one location to another in search of information that one can easily get on social media.

Today millions and billions of people are on Instagram and Facebook. You know how easy it is to take a photo and upload it on Instagram and someone in an entirely different geographical location gets to see it, and probably like it. It is fun trying to share experiences on social media to most likely gain attention, which most people do today.

Can one be addicted to social media?

On a second thought, social media can be so enchanting based on the fact that many people cannot live a day without social media, some people find it difficult to come off the bed every morning without first posting an I-woke-up-like-this selfie look. What happens when the post does not get all the likes or love as expected?

Can social media be stressful to me?

Social media can be burdensome to a few people. Sometimes, if I see a lot of mails and messages from different sites, I would wish I were not on social media or someone was controlling my pages. Many a times, I would have to freeze some apps so that I can really concentrate on one thing at a time.

Some people have complained that they cannot even take a shower without taking their phones along with them to respond to WhatsApp messages. This is more or less like a chain or cage which we need to be freed from. According to Popsugar, Americans spend an average of 11 hours each day interacting with some form of media. Popsugar also captured that adolescents and young adults are subjected to mood disorders and suicidal thoughts than any other generation.

In fact, social media also comes with negative friends who are determined to place irrelevant and hateful comments to weigh you down. Even at looking in your best attire on your best day, there are still faults one would pick out and heighten on social media; at this stage, who will you run to?

What is the way forward?

We need to understand that social media came even after man started existing, thus we do not need to place our self-worth on social media but focus more on building ourselves mentally and all-wise. Seeing something one posted online should open up a new vista for us to become more content with our lives rather than make us feel inferior.

Look out for inspiration from people and be an inspiration to people as well. Just as people get addicted to drugs, people also get addicted to social media. The best advice for a social media addict is to schedule time to go on social media and to be faithful to it. Search for profitable things you can do with social media and begin doing them. In no time at all, you will be the boss over anxiety and depression over social media.

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